Fee Schedule

Beginning 14 May 2019


For Recording Documents Fee

Standard Fee First page of any Document $40.00
Each additional description or unit over ten   $2.00 
For Recording Subdivision Plats  $50.00 
Each lot or unit $2.00 


Other Fees

Copy of Recorded Document per page

Copy of Ownership Plat $1.00
Copy of Final Subdivision Plat $3.00
Certification of Document Copy $5.00
Computer screen printout   $0.25 


Documents include Mining, Federal tax liens or Releases, Licenses issued by Department of Registration, and UCC documents.


All fees must be paid in advance (Utah Code 17-21-18)


Please make checks payable to: Cache County Recorder


Recording fees are set by State Law, Utah Code 17-21-18.5 Effective 14 May, 2019.