Planning Sites

What We're Reading

A list of websites, and blogs that we're reading in the Countywide Planning and Development Office. Links to each site are provided by clicking on the website logo, a brief description of what can be found at the site is also included adjacent to each link.



Strong Towns: A blog focused on creating more livable and financially resilient communities throughout the world. Presenting challenges and reviews of conventional wisdom, and by engaging in thoughtful dialog. Newcomers to Strong Towns should begin at their newcomer's page.




Building Salt Lake: A Blog focused on Development News, Along the Wasatch Front, primarily Salt Lake. Focused on "smart growth" and building strong neighborhoods. Many of the issues that Salt Lake is dealing with today, will be coming to Cache Valley in the future, making this blog interesting reading when considering the future of this valley. Strong Opinion section, and great photo gallery of development projects in the Salt Lake Region.
CityLab: CityLab is one of, if not the largest planning blogs on the internet, backed by The Atlantic it contains detailed reporting, and great visuals. The blog has five main focus areas: Design, Transportation, Environment, Equity, and Life.  Interesting reading if you would like to be exposed to a variety of Planning Topics, even if most aren't directly applicable to Cache Valley.

Planetizen: Focused on Professional practice of the planning field, and academic study on the future of built environments. It bills itself as "The independent resource for people passionate about planning and related fields".



Streetmix: Not reading, but this site lets you design roadways and cross-sections. It is useful when you want to experiment with different ideas for a public right-of-way.

American Planning Association: The Official website of the American Planning Association, a great resource for best practices, studies, and research on planning topics.






Utah Chapter, American Planning Association: The Official website of the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association,