What is LUDMA?

LUDMA is the Land Use Management & Development Act, It is the law for land use. All Cities, Towns, & Counties Need to know and follow it. 



It is imparitive for communities to ensure their Development codes are LUDMA compliant. CPDO can assist you with getting and remaining compliant with LUDMA. Contact for an assessment of your code, and for assistance coming into compliance. Some frequently referenced sections are highlighted below:




Planning Commission Powers and Duties

Planning Commissions are given power to make recommendations to the Legislative Body on General Plans, and Land Use Regulations & other power granted to it by City Council



Plain Language

Need to use plain language, anything that isn't specifically prohibited is allowed




  Single Family Designation May not restrict Single Family Units to under 4 non-related individuals


 Regulating Annexed Territory

Annexed property must be rezoned at time of annexation (or it will be deemed compatible with surrounding land uses)



 Conditional Uses

As ADMINISTRATIVE Decisions Conditional Uses shall be approved if reasonable conditions can be imposed to mitgate reasonably anticipated detrimental effects of a proposal



 Group Homes

Group homes are protected classes, may only be regulated as allowed by the Utah Fair housing Act, The Fair Housing Amendments Act, and the Rehabilitation act of 1973



 Variances  An appeal authority may only grant a variance if it is found to comply with all five criteria outlined in 10-9a-702 of Utah State Code