Fee Schedule

Marriage License

Marriage License  $40.00
Certified Copy  $10.00
Uncertified Copy   $5.00
Document Certification  $5.00
Notarial Certificate  $5.00
General Copies  $0.25
DVD or CD Copy   $5.00
Returned Check Fee   $25.00


Voter Information Requests

Setup fee (In addition to other charges)  $25.00
Disk one half cent per name
Hard copy  one cent per name
Labels  two cents per name
Voter district guide  $5.00
Voter information card replacement   $2.00


Business Licenses

Home occupation business  $55.00
Contractors (home is base of business but does contracting work away from their home)  $80.00
Commercial business (less than 10 employees)  $105.00
Commercial business (more than 10 employees)  $230.00
Fire inspection fee  $20.00
Late fee  $50.00
Late fee (non-compliance after 45 days of notification)  $500.00
Temporary business (non-permanent basis or transit business person)  $60.00 per calendar day of operation




Effective January 1, 2019