Property Valuation Notice

Each year by July 22 the county sends a "Notice of Property Valuation & Tax Change" to all owners of real estate who are listed on the assessment roll.  The mailing contains details about the appraised market value set by the county assessor, appeals of market value to the board of equalization, tax and proposed tax increase information.  


The center of the notice lists all of the "Taxing Entities" that levy a tax against your property and the amount of tax charged in the prior and current year. The tax levied by a taxing entity is dependent on the combined tax rate and the taxable value of your property. Prior year amounts in "Taxes Last Year" column are independent of the following columns. The following four columns all relate to the current year tax rate and any calculated impact a proposed tax increases may have on your current taxes. In order to to raise their budgeted revenue, a taxing entity can propose a tax rate increase above rates certified by the state.  If this is the case a public meeting will be listed in the rightmost column titled "A Public Budget Meeting Will Be Held".  This is your invitation to be present and heard at that meeting.


If you disagree with the listed market value and have evidence to substantiate a different value, you may appeal the value of your property by submitting an appeal to the County Board of Equalization.  Documentation and supporting evidence is required to substantiate an appeal of property value.  Appeal forms and instructions are available at the following link:   


Appealing Property Values - County Board of Equalization


If your contact information is incorrect or you did not receive a notice, please contact the County Recorder at 435-755-1530.


 If the listed market value of your property is incorrect or in error, please contact the County Assessor at 435-755-1590.


 If you have questions about payment of taxes or tax relief, please contact the County Treasurer at 435-755-1500.


 All other questions can be directed to the County Chief Deputy Auditor at 435-755-1706.