January 1 - 
December 31
 Tax relief must be filed with the County Treasurer or filed by December 31 with the State Tax Commission.
 January 1  All property is valued as it existed on January 1, including lien date on motor vehicles, personal property, and real property. Individual registrations of motor vehicles are determined by the purchase date of the motor vehicle but are valued as of Jan. 1.
 January 1   Personal Property statements are mailed out.
 May 15  Personal Property statements are due.
 May 1  Greenbelt application must be filed.
 May 22  Real Property rolls close.
 July 22-31  Real property "Truth in Taxation" notices are mailed. (Valuation notices)
   August Board of Equalization for real property runs for 45 days from the original date of mailing of "Truth in Taxation" notices, or until September 15, which ever is longer.
 October 30   Real property tax notices are mailed.
 November 30   Real property taxes are due and become delinquent after November 30. Partial payments may be made any time throughout the year.